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Hi! I'm Dianne

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"I help people create healthy relationships and behaviors that enable them to flourish in all dimensions of their lives. We all go through adversities and challenges, and I believe that key to overcoming them is acceptance, emotional regulation and finding support from nurturing relations. Having lived in different countries across continents, I am a fan of confidently taking space in the world and of always seeking to evolve with changing times. I practice at the intersection of coaching and psychotherapy by helping clients to overcome maladaptive patterns and to find the courage to do something even if it’s difficult."

I'm a Psychological Counsellor, 

Embodiment Coach, Leadership and Career Expert and Wellness Enthusiast.

Dianne provides individual counseling for teens and adults ages 17 and up.  She uses an integrative approach using elements of somatic experiencing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, accelerated experiential dynamic therapy and solutions focused therapy.  She counsels in the areas of trauma, self-harm, stress reduction, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, bullying, body dysmorphia, insomnia, grief and loss, self-esteem, family conflict and life transitions.


She is also a Leadership Coach (PCC) certified by the International Coach Federation and has many years of experience in talent and organizational management.  She coaches business leaders in the areas of authentic leadership and purposeful career development.


Her education and training are cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary, earning degrees and certifications from Switzerland, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. She has a Master’s in Counseling, a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.


Her personal interests include fitness training, dancing, trail hiking, traveling and cooking. She currently resides in Lausanne, Switzerland and has previously lived and worked in Manila, Hong Kong and Jakarta.


Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation (ICF)

Certified MBTI Practitioner

Member-in-Training – Swiss Counseling Association (SGfB)

Member-in-Training – American Counseling Association (ACA)

Explore Embodiment With Me

The Learning Movement

Join a 6-week program that will guide you to understand your personal story and how to use that to become a more intuitive learner and communicator.  You will learn how to train yourself to be more resilient in the face of challenges, disrupt your patterns, be more aware and engaged in your interactions and become purposeful in your everyday decisions.  Discover your learning preference and access other types by paying more attention to your body and sensations, flexibly adjusting to an ever-changing environment. You will learn why change is hard and ways to help you get back on track, including self-care.


Whether you are getting ready for university or have already found your profession, this program will show you a different way to see the self and its environment. Our bodies are shaped by our strengths and limitations, and strengths overuse can limit us as well.  We will go beyond mindfulness by helping you develop new patterns of thinking and acting to help you move towards a more satisfying life starting now.

Leadership Coaching

I work with leaders at all levels.  If you are someone who wants to improve in communicating with your team, your colleagues and your bosses authentically while accomplishing your objectives, I've got you.

Customised Training

I deliver short trainings online on any aspect of embodiment from Awareness to Presence to Practice Co-creation, and everything in between. Contact me for inquiries. 

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